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Eric Delord

QXTs November Event Calendar

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248 Mulberry St, Newark, New Jersey 07102 .. 973-643-3996
Open Friday & Saturday .. 10pm - 3am
www. qxts-nj. com

-- QXTs Calendar of Events/Guests --

----------] NOVEMBER [----------
Wednesday, November 26
..(RSVP HERE!) .. Thanksgiving Eve Blackout Party!

Friday, November 28

..(RSVP HERE!) .. Everything 80's Dance Party
.. wtih resident DJs: Ron Medina, Ash, and Cub, featuring Guest DJ Victrola in Area 51
.. featuring TM5 providing visual stimulation!

Saturday, November 29

.. ElectroShock with Resident DJs: Ron Medina and Q, with Guest DJ Helix in Area 51
.. Plus DVD giveaways from Metropolis Records and CD giveaways by Modulate's CD - DETONATION!

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