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@ QXTs This Weekend: S+E+X = Soil and Eclipse + Xentrifuge . and . DJ Evets + V-Christ! [NYC/NJ/PA]

Click on either flyer for more info!

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On Friday, May 22, join us for Transmission with guest DJ Evets on the main floor along with your resident DJs Ash, Cub and Solitude! Let the frequencies move your body!

Click Here to RSPV On Facebook
On Saturday, May 23, join us for Dominion at  QXTs for the only area appearance of COP International artists... Soil and Eclipse and Xentrifuge and guest DJ V-Christ!  featuring photography by Tarilyn Quinn (DRESS TO IMPRESS AND SHOW UP EARLY TO GET YOUR PHOTOS TAKEN!, and live broadcasts of the show by WFKU RADIO, additional support and sponsorship provided by Grave Concerns E-Zine, VampireFreaks, The Fall Studios, and Cop International!

Where: QXTs, 248 Mulberry St, Newark, New Jersey (1 block from the Prudential Center)
When: 10pm - 3am
18+ to enter . $10
(973) 643-3996
Secure parking facilities
1 block from the club
3 Dancefloors! 3 Bars! 3 Atmospheres!
Visit the QXTs website for more information!
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