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QXTs This Weekend: ElectroSexxxy w/DJ Evets, Dominion w/DJ brian cant!

Click on either flyer for more info!

On Friday, June 12, join us for ElectroSexxxy with DJs Ash, Cub, and Solitude and Guest DJ Evets on the main floor!

On Saturday, June 13, join us for Dominion at QXTs with DJs Ron Medina, Q/Mindsolvent, and Aengel with Guest DJ brian cant!

****** JUNE HIGHLIGHTS ******

2009-06-19 - Transmission w/DJ Father Jeff
2009-06-20 - Dominion w/guest DJ Mykill Plague and Video Projectionist "VJ" -DJ TM5 plays and video mixes a large variety of your favorite movie clips and music videos on the large video screen over the dance floor.

2009-06-26 - Everything 80's w/SWU DJ Denard Henry
In Area 51: Guest DJ Denard Henry: It's Year 2, and the Project Sonic Warriors United has come together for a New Mission:Nocturnal Rhythm Tour 2009 Plus a Special one night legendary Roxy Club feeling is activated by Sonic Warriors United Artist Dj Denard at QXT's! Denard Henry who played an influential part in the industrial, electronic dance music scene in New Jersey / New York, programs once more the music that moved "The Roxy, New Brunswick Alumnis". Intertwined with Respect / Harmony to the Roots of Electronic Dance Music and the eclectic insertion of Musical Knowledge / Talents of the Sonic Warriors United collective, we continue to strive to provide a unique style out of Old School and New School, Underground Techno, Electro, Electronic Body Music & Rhythmic Industrial to a new Generation of "Sonic Seekers " .

2009-06-27 - Secret Identity Fetish Party presents Secret Identity Fetish Party!
Shed your mild mannered persona and become the shiny, glamorous, super hero, villain, or anime character you've always dreamed you can be!


QXTs, 248 Mulberry St, Newark, New Jersey
10pm - 3am . 18+ to enter . $10 ($8 w/Flyer for 21+)
(973) 643-3996
Secure parking facilities 1 block from the club
3 Dancefloors! 3 Bars! 3 Atmospheres!
Visit the QXTs website for more information!
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