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anti_anti_nj's Journal

all things new jersey

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It has recently come to my attention that there is a foul, blaphemous community known as "anti New Jersey" (which I will not even link to). So I thought to myself, "what can I do about this?" The answer was obvious. Create an anti anti New Jersey community. I've noticed an intense hatred of my home state, especially coming from some resident Pennsylvanians. Well now. Let's take a look at all the things New Jersey has produced:

  • the electric guitar
  • the misfits
  • leo's yum-yums
  • the first US brewery
  • cranberry sauce
  • the bouncing souls
  • submarines
  • bon jovi
  • the atco raceway
  • motion pictures
  • saltwater taffy
  • thursday
  • weird nj
  • william carlos williams
  • birch beer
  • cider doughnuts
  • various wrestlers
  • michael landon
  • "the first incorporated town"
  • elisabeth shue
  • woodrow wilson
  • galatic bowling
  • alfred kinsey
  • cheez whiz
  • first official baseball game
  • the zipper
  • central air
  • the first wireless phone
  • Miss America
  • rae
  • ultimate frisbee
  • the first radio station
  • the pine barrens
  • the native pine barrens tree frog
  • sgr
  • frank sinatra
  • the jersey devil
  • campbell's soup
  • trains
  • first boardwalk
  • jack nicholson
  • light bulbs
  • catch 22
  • drive in movie theatres
  • allen ginsberg
  • lauryn hill
  • zach braff
  • ..........and many more

If that doesn't convince you of how great New Jersey is, you can go blow yourself. discussion topics:

  • new jersey
  • the jersey shore
  • how great new jersey is
  • how much other states suck
  • pining for new jersey
  • cool places or events in new jersey

  • I can't think of anything else, so anything that involves new jersey, or doesn't (but I reserve the right to kill you if I don't like your non-nj topic.)

The Only Rule:
No discussion of which part of NJ is better than the others.

if you have any problems, fire off an email to redrae@addr.com