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Veteran's Night & Upcoming Events at QXT's!

THIS FRIDAY - January 9th - Veteran's Night

Classic Underground Hits From "The Early Years"
With resident DJ's: Ron Medina and Cub
Featuring DJ Iron Mike in Area 51 with Main Floor appearances by DJ's Dyztort and Xfixi8 Giveaways provided by Stomp & Soundz

Friday - January 16th - ElectroSexxxy
An Electronica & Trance Night
Sexy Music for Sexy People
Go-Go Dancers: Danielle Millenium and Isis Kali
With DJs: Ash, Cub, and Solitude

Saturday - January 24th - Team Evilution Presents: ONE NIGHT STAND!

We welcome back former Friday night resident DJ, DJ Evets and former head promoter DJ Damian Plague back home. And lets not forget our main man DJ Ron Medina who’s been holding the fort down!

Team Evilution presents OF LOVE AND DEATH

In the Lair, we want to take back, back to the days of the Bank and Mothers and others. As in our Opinion the two best Dj’s in the business Q and Ian Fford will give you a throwback to Love,and Dark Romance and everything that makes our scene so unique and great.

Team Evilution presents FAST FORWARD

If you’re curious about what the future holds for our scene, here’s a sneak peek as DJ Luna and DJ Damian Plague present the! DJ’s Mykill Plague, Binkmaster, and Swabby!

248 Mulberry Street
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 643-3996
Doors Open 10 pm - 3 am

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